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Halloween costume!!!




Neck jewelery




Nice costume.

BTW, I noticed a link to in your profile - ever played Urban Dead?
no...I just like brains :D
That's fair! I figured the brain-eating.

Urban Dead's pretty addictive and full of brain-eating fun, but you practically have to get involved with a group to have much fun with it. I like it, but I haven't played it in a year, so go figure.
That works out scarily well.

And I seem to recognize that rose in your hair...
My favorite thing to do with costumes is use stuff I already have :D
omg ok I am a hard core frida fan and you rock
why thank you! :D

I used to work at a little store on South Street that sells international folk art, clothes and jewelery, most of which is Mexican or Latin American. We had TONS of Frida stuff. I used to buy things just because it looked like something Frida would wear :D

She's really one of my heroes. I love how she purposely emphasized the very things about herself that society could use to deem her as "less than."
omg you and me... on the same wave length. When I was in college, before I dropped out, we had to pick a artist to copy and of course I picked her. I want to get something of hers tattooed on me. I tell everyone how one day I will travel to mexico city to see her house...the museum and they all tell me I am crazy. I wish I worked or did work at a place that sold stuff I think she would have loved!!
seriously, come to Philly and go to Eye's Gallery on South Street.

You will LOVE it!
omg yes! Since I am only an hour and a half away and I am planning a Nov 22 all day Philly day.....
If I'm free at all that day, I'll take you to the store :D
: )
omg this is going to rule!